The Sunshine Blogger Award

The Sunshine Blogger Award

I want to thank Liv’s Little Library for nominating me for this award!

• Thank the person/people who nominated you
• Answer the questions from your nominators.
• Nominate eleven other bloggers and give them eleven questions.


Favourite book?
Well I can’t choose ONE book, so some of my favourite books/series are: The first Harry Potter book (the only one I’ve read so far), the Lunar Chronicles (Fun Fact: Cinder is what got me back into reading), Throne of Glass, Angelfall, and I’ll Give You the Sun.

Best sandwich filling?
Um…Lettuce? I mean, being a vegetarian, I don’t really put anything that interesting on sandwiches.

Do you have a coping mechanism for stressful situations?
I have a string I got from camp in the sixth grade. Whenever I’m stressed, I take it off my wrist and start playing with it. It helps to get my mind off of things.

Favourite fast food restaurant?
Tim Horton’s. Living that Canadian lifestyle!

What is your favourite past time?
Other than reading, I love to draw and paint.

If you could breed any two animals together, what would they be?
Probably a bunny and a Persian cat.

What is your favourite thing to eat for breakfast?
A croissant with Nutella in the middle with a glass of milk.

What is the weather like where you are at the moment?
It’s pretty sunny out and REALLY hot (No, it isn’t always snowing in Canada).

What is the last thing you ate?
I just had green apple flavoured cotton candy.

Favourite colour?
Cerulean blue!

Do you have any pets? If so, what are they?
I had a betta fish for about two and a half years. Unfortunately, he recently passed away. We had funeral and buried him in the backyard.

I nominate:
They Call Me Jenni
The Lit Mermaid
Reading with Lucia
All Things YA
Madam Hysteria Reads
The YA Reader
Reader Rayna
The Breakfast Blog
A Happy Clam
Confessions of a Bibliophile

What are your favourite TV shows?
Do you have any siblings?
Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
What are your favourite songs?
If you could travel to any place on Earth, where would you go?
Do you prefer chocolate or vanilla?
Do you use your local library?
How many times have you been outside of your country?
What’s your favourite holiday?
Do you have any hidden talents?
Are you good at singing?

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